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Arbed Rescue is a charitable, non-profit organization based in Martintown, Ontario
(1 hr S E of Ottawa and 1 hr W of Montreal) that offers canine adoption services.

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Samedi 19 mail 11h-13h, Saturday May 19 11:am-1pm – Demonstration against Puppy Mills

Manifestation contre usines a chiots
Manifestation contre usines a chiots

(The english version follows the french version )

A) Please contact me if you would like to join me at this protest!

B) Please sign the petition… ūüôā

C) Please pass along the information. It could make the difference for 100s of dogs.

En septembre dernier a eu lieu en Outaouais, √†¬†l‚Äôusine √† chiots¬†¬ę¬†Paws R Us¬†¬Ľ, une des plus importantes saisies jamais fait par la Humane Society International du Canada (HSI).¬† Cinq cent vingt sept chiens ont √©t√© saisis par Anima-Qu√©bec et le Minist√®re de l‚ÄôAgriculture, des P√™cheries et de l‚ÄôAlimentation (MAPAQ) en collaboration avec la HSI et d‚Äôautre groupe de secours. ¬†De nombreux b√©n√©voles ont par la suite donn√©s mains fortes au refuge d‚Äôurgence √©tabli √† Lachute, plusieurs d‚Äôentres eux prenant les chiens / chiots en famille d‚Äôaccueil en attendant le jugement.

En décembre dernier, le jugement a eu lieu et les fautifs ont eu droit a une pénalité ridicule de 10 000$.  La garde des chiens fut confiée à Anima-Québec. Après plusieurs naissances, plus de 600 chiens et chiots ont été stérilisés, vaccinés et placés en adoption.

Les propri√©taires du chenil insalubre tentent maintenant d’obtenir une autorisation de la Cour pour √©lever des chiens √† nouveau.¬†Nicole et Charlene Labombard¬†ont vu¬†leur dossier transf√©r√© du palais de justice de Campbell’s Bay √† celui de Gatineau, le proc√®s devant avoir lieu en mai prochain. ¬† La famille Labombard affirme avoir r√©nov√© ses installations et dit avoir appris sa le√ßon.

Par la présente pétition, nous aimerions rappeler à la Cour que les chiens étaient privés de leurs besoins les plus fondamentaux, dont celui de socialiser.  Cette affirmation a été soutenue par nul autre que Mme Aldworth, porte-parole de la HSI, présente lors de la perquisition.  Elle a également souligné que plusieurs des chiens avaient subi de mauvais traitements, présentaient des problèmes de malnutrition, et souffraient de problèmes respiratoires et cutanés.

Nous croyons que les probl√®mes cit√©s ci haut ne sont aucunement reli√©s √† la qualit√© des installations, mais plut√īt √† la mauvaise conscience de personnes sans scrupules √† la t√™te d‚Äôune immense usine √† chiots qui ne servirait une fois de plus qu‚Äô√† leur remplir les poches.

Nous nous opposons √† l’autorisation qui pourrait √™tre remis √† la famille Labombard de tenir un tel √©tablissement de nouveau.

Last September, one of the largest seizures ever carried out by Humane Society International Canada (HSI) took place at the Paws R Us puppy mill in Outaouais.  Five hundred and twenty-seven dogs were seized by Anima-Québec and the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPAQ) in collaboration with HSI and other rescue groups.  Several volunteers subsequently assisted at the emergency shelter set up in Lachute, and many of them fostered dogs/puppies while awaiting judgement.

In December, judgement was rendered and the accused received a ridiculous fine of $10,000.  Custody of the dogs was given to Anima-Québec.  After several births, over 600 dogs and puppies were spayed/neutered, vaccinated and put up for adoption.
The owners of the substandard kennel are now trying to receive¬†permission from the Court to start breeding dogs again.¬†¬†Nicole and Charlene Labombard¬†have seen¬†their file transferred from the Campbell’s Bay courthouse¬†to the one in¬†Gatineau, and the trial should take place this May.¬† The Labomboard family says they have renovated their premises and have learned their lesson.
By this present petition, we would like to remind the Court that the dogs were deprived of their most basic needs, such as socialization.  This assertion has been supported by none other than Mrs. Aldworth, spokesperson for HSI, who was present during the execution of the search warrant.  She also emphasized that many of the dogs were subjected to mistreatment, were malnourished, and suffered respiratory and skin problems.
We believe that the problems cited above have nothing to do with the quality of the premises, but rather are a result of the lack of conscience of unscrupulous people running a very large puppy mill Рwhom would once again do the same, with the sole objective of making money.
We oppose the granting of permission to the Labombard family to set up such an establishment again.

Power of the Heart, The Book of Love

Love can’t be taken away – but marriage can. It needn’t always be the the case although in ours it likely was.

As of this morning, a major milestone was reached in this a personal “transitional” year for Caroline and I. Dear family thank you very much for your support – it being ‘just right’.

I’m probably about halfway to NYC (no speeding tix or blown tires i hope!) – to join Scott and Gord. I scheduled this post earlier this week so i wouldn’t have to try to type on my iphone while driving ūüôā – also in anticipation that the stars would align – and they did this morning.

So, to the point of this post. I’d like to ask you married folks (such as those in my family, and extended families) to take a moment to listen to these moving songs. The first is by Lou Reed (interpreted by Peter Gabriel with visual treatment from a fan) – “Power of the Heart”. The second is “The Book of Love” written by Stephin Merritt – again interpreted by PG.

I hope they inspire you. Knowing you all, I know each of you love your partner. But we all know that we change throughout our lives and we have to juggle kids, job, health, needs, wants, etc. etc.

We can’t take our relationships for granted and must continue to work on them. With kindness, humility, tenderness and patience. Stef


if you can’t see the video above, try clicking here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoq4z8bCgyk


if you can’t see the video above, try clicking here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2j4lA-E7Vc