Thank you for working to reduce the suffering of animals and working with the SPCA of Western Quebec.

In order to ensure that a given dog can safely enter Canada, it must be 8 months old.

Each dog must have their names attached to their collar along with destination (SPCA WQ) along with phone number 819-770-7722. paper w/clear tape works!

Each dog must come with documentation (denoted below). The documents must first be uploaded to the appropriate folder in Google Drive here. Once in-place they will be inspected and with the goal of approving the dog for transport into Canada and to SPCA WQ. If you cannot upload, you can email them to Stefan and he will place them there for you.

All required documentation for each dog must be received, inspected and approved 2 days (48 hrs) before the start of the transport!

Each dog must come with documentation:

Documents Required:
  • Completed VFD (Value for Dog) document (download here).

Must be original (no copies). All hand-writing  on any given VFD must be in pen – no pencil, must be in same handwriting. Date of VFD must be at least 1 day before transport begins.

  • Rabies Certificate
  • Proof of spay/neuter, health certificate and health records.

Question or Comments? Please contact me at tubywuby AT gmail 🙂 Thank You!