The Secret in Their Eyes (2009)

Caught The Secret in Their Eyes last evening on NetFlix. It won best foreign language picture at the Oscars in 2010 and deservingly so. It has murder mystery, great subtle humour, suspence and romance. Nice to see a strong leading female character in a positive role – go Argentina!

It is Argentina’s most viewed movie since 1983, with nearly 3 million viewers. With the Oscar win, it became the second Argentine film to win an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. The previous one was La historia oficial (1985).


Seeing meat calms you down, study says


If the people in the study knew how most of the meat they ate was produced i suspect the results of the study would be a blood-pressure epidemic. Not just from a health stand-point but also the cruelty involved.

Food animals are treated like widgets in a factory today – no longer do they graze and eat naturally. They are force-fed and live with extreme conditions.

Eating meat is just wrong on so many levels. Never in human history have people eaten as many animal products as we do now. Today, rich and poor can afford to eat these products, largely as a result of the cost-cutting methods used to raise “food” animals. Present-day factory farms inflict massive, large-scale suffering of a magnitude never before seen in agricultural practices. In addition, the human population is larger today than ever before. Billions of people eating meat means that billions of tons of water and grain are being diverted from the world’s poor people and fed to the livestock of the rich; the resultant billions of pounds of manure are destroying our topsoil, drinking water, and ozone layer.