Fred and Katie – 60 years married

Aug 15/10 Sakatoon, Sask.

Ed and Karen Buchholz hosted a wonderful and memorable evening to celebrate Ed’s parents’ 60th wedding anniversary… Erhard’s kids were there (Misha, Patrick, Annick and myself) as were Annick and Patrick’s middle children (Sacha and Phil). The weather was perfect to celebrate this special special occasion.

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Haitian Mission

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Shane (le cousin) is off to Haiti at the end of August.

As much as i dislike most things military (you know it) this is one mission that i do support. Here’s his web site which he will use to keep us up-to-date.

Now Shane i will task you with two things to start you off. First, locate the elusive haitian poutine. Second, i challenge you to learn creole (i have soccer buddies who will test you).