La maison – renovations

Our home has a long history of significant transformations and renovations. Since the house was purchased it in November 1999 i have tried to maintain a comprehensive account of the changes made.

Home Theatre Ceiling Repair

Over the spring, water damage appeared in the Home Theatre ceiling. I just completed the repair, it involved:

  • running hot air into the roof trusses for about 48 hours to ensure everything is dry in there.
  • scrape out any wet or damp dry wall
  • ensure the vapour barrier is sealed
  • replace the dry wall
  • mud (x4)
  • sand
  • paint

[EDITOR’S NOTE: I forgot the biggest step: CLEANUP! washing walls / ceiling, dusting everything, vaccuming, steam clean carpets… 🙁 yuck!

It ended up looking pretty good.The Completed Job

This summer I will install 2 more maximums (roof vents) to increase circulation of air in the trusses. i will also empty a couple of cans of Black Knight (tar) in suspicious areas.

Here are images of the repair process:

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