My Jesus equity (AAPL)

Apple Fanboy running into store

iPhone 4 was launched today in the US. What I find interesting is how the american media covers all things Apple. It certainly is no secret from all the product-placement in film and television that hollywood likes the company alot.

Although Apple has taken a rather nasty stance against Adobe Systems I do like its technology and engineering,  I even had an iPhone (until it was stolen recently). I particularly like the company’s attention to user-experience.

Investing has little to do with such things, but rather on growth and profitability. Most people who know me know that i’ve held AAPL for a while now, it has indeed provided solid returns. I continue to hold for the long term and it’s the only technology equity i would recommend at it’s current price (270$ as of this writing).

Although Apple’s gains in has been staggering, I believe that over the next 10 years Apple Computer Inc. could easily grow faster than it did in the previous.I will post on this sometime soon. Mouse Out 🙂