The Purpose of Sleep? To Forget, Scientists Say

Over the years, scientists have come up with a lot of ideas about why we sleep. From a report on NYTimes: Some have argued that it’s a way to save energy. Others have suggested that slumber provides an opportunity to clear away the brain’s cellular waste. A pair of papers published on Thursday in the journal Science offer evidence for another notion: We sleep to forget some of the things we learn each day. In order to learn, we have to grow connections, or synapses, between the neurons in our brains. These connections enable neurons to send signals to one another quickly and efficiently. We store new memories in these networks.

Les concombres


Incidents involving the Gatineau police concern me. Recent memory recalls a chase of a car full of drunk teenagers leading to deaths. The time a constable chased some teenagers who were simply having a bonfire and ended up shooting herself in the foot. Twice this year I just happened to come across a major accident involving Gatineau police. Today it was at the corner of Vanier and the 148.

Slow down (no chases), drop the weapons & cheer up for the love of peet!