Google’s Android became the world’s leading smart phone platform as of Jan 31, 2011

Google’s Android has become the leading platform. Shipments of Android-based smart phones reached 32.9 million, while devices running Nokia’s Symbian platform trailed slightly at 31.0 million worldwide. But Nokia did retain its position as the leading global smart phone vendor, with a share of 28%. The fourth quarter also saw the worldwide smart phone market continue to soar, with shipments of 101.2 million units representing year-on-year growth of 89%. The final quarter took shipments for the year to fractionally below 300 million units, with an annual growth rate of 80% over 2009.

Home Theatre Ceiling Repair

Over the spring, water damage appeared in the Home Theatre ceiling. I just completed the repair, it involved:

  • running hot air into the roof trusses for about 48 hours to ensure everything is dry in there.
  • scrape out any wet or damp dry wall
  • ensure the vapour barrier is sealed
  • replace the dry wall
  • mud (x4)
  • sand
  • paint

[EDITOR’S NOTE: I forgot the biggest step: CLEANUP! washing walls / ceiling, dusting everything, vaccuming, steam clean carpets… 🙁 yuck!

It ended up looking pretty good.The Completed Job

This summer I will install 2 more maximums (roof vents) to increase circulation of air in the trusses. i will also empty a couple of cans of Black Knight (tar) in suspicious areas.

Here are images of the repair process:

[slideshow id=71]