Shopping With the Pups (Gen, Vivi, Stef et Callie, Charlie)


NB: due to a copyright infringement with the audio (i added a nice phil collins track) – youtube has removed the audio. i have requested some generic christmas goolash – this should appear momentarily. so if you have no audio, perhaps you can make up your own dialog and play some background christmas tunes đŸ™‚

Happy Holidays, viele Ă„nderungen im Jahr 2011 kommen

Last evening i experienced Peter Gabriel’s Secret World concert – one of my favorites (with considerable amounts of red). It resonated strongly with where things are so i thought i share the lyrics as a hint of things to come.

I stood in this sunsheltered place
‘Til I could see the face behind the face
All that had gone before had left no trace

Down by the railway siding
In our secret world, we were colliding
All the places we were hiding love
What was it we were thinking of?

So I watch you wash your hair
Underwater, unaware
And the plane flies through the air
Did you think you didn’t have to choose it
That I alone could win or lose it
In all the places we were hiding love
What was it we were thinking of?

In this house of make believe
Divided in two, like Adam and Eve
I put out and You receive

Oh the wheel is turning spinning round and round
And the house is crubling but the stairways stand

With no guilt and no shame, no sorrow or blame
Whatever it is, we are all the same

Making it up in our secret world
Shaking it up
Breaking it up
Making it up in our secret world

Seeing things that were not there
On a wing on a prayer
In this state of disrepair

Shh, listen…

Wishing you all a very happy 2011! XOXOXO STEF